All You Need to Know About KidGPS

KidGPS is a real-time location tracker designed for kids to monitor their whereabouts at any given time. In the recent years, cases of child kidnapping incidents have been on the rise, and this device comes in handy in such situations.Parents can know the location of their child, anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet.

How To Set Up KidGPS

The KidGPS is easy to set up. Just follow the simple steps:

  • First, charge the KidGPS for one hour via USB using the charging cable that comes with it. While charging, the battery led is red, and it switches off when fully charged. For the battery to fully charge, It may take up to two hours.
  • Place it next ao an open window for 10 minutes and hold the power button for 5 minutes.
  • Download the latest version of kidGPS to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Open the kidGPS app and tap ‘create account’ and follow instructions to create an account
  • 10 minutes after switching on the KidGPS, open the app, sign in and begin setting up your KidGPS by tapping the plus icon. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and finish the setup process.

Features of the KidGPS

The KidGPS comes with smart features as follows:

  • An On-Demand location app that lets you know where your child is anytime
  • A built-in Help button that kids press when they are scared to alert you of their whereabouts.
  • It allows you to receive push notifications anytime your child arrives at or leaves particular locations such as home or school.
  • Sharing feature- it allows you to share your child’s whereabouts with trusted adults such as grandparents or godparents.
  • Driving locations –with just a tap, you get driving directions to your child’s location
  • Advanced KidGPS have approved regions where the child should travel. In case the child wanders off the approved zones, you get an alert.

Benefits of KidGPS.

This device comes with numerous benefits such as:

  • Demarcation of areas- Parents get to define the safe and unsafe areas for the kids. This alerts the parents whenever the kids are being taken to dangerous areas.
  • Room for interaction- The tracker allows parents and their kids to be in constant interactions since they can communicate at any time.
  • They keep the kids engaged- the KidGPS devices are bright and colorful. Some have games apps installed, so they keep the kids busy and engaged. This will encourage them to keep them on, especially to that little one who does not know its purpose yet. 

The KidGPS are portable and come in different forms, mostly as a watch. It is a vital gadget that gives you a peace of mind whenever your children are away. It keeps them safe and protected at all times.

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